Action Strategies

This truly amazing training program will give you the guidance and structure you need to set goals the right way and design the optimum Action Strategies that will enable you to reach your goals in record speed!

6 Modules

  • Module 1: Laying the Foundation
    In Module 1 you will learn some foundational material that will help you appreciate the power of the principles that are at the core of Action Strategies. This base understanding from Module 1 will make the rest of the process easier to understand.
  • Module 2: Getting Clear About Your Goals
    This module is important because it guides you to decide what goals are perfect for you. There is one video, Your 90 Day Goals. This video, combined with the bounty of exercises, will help you determine the goals for your next 90-Day journey.
  • Module 3: Understanding & Creating Action Plans
    Module 3 gets you into action! There are two videos: Defining the 3 Types of Action & Creating Action Plans. These are important because while all three types of action are important, the action plans you create help you to plan and will be critical to what planned actions you choose each day.
  • Module 4: Daily Habits
    This module teaches you all about the different daily habits. While there is just one video, The Daily Habits, it is quite long and in depth. The exercises help you begin to apply what you learn, experiment with each of the daily habits, and begin to build routines.
  • Module 5: Putting It Together
    Module 5 teaches about inspired actions, and then helps you incorporate everything you’ve learned into the Daily and Weekly log sheets. People find that all the principles learned in the first four modules make sense and they are motivated to implement them, yet sometimes struggle to stay focused. It’s the process that is guided by these Daily and Weekly log sheets that make implementation easy.
  • Module 6: Challenges & Success Tips
    This final module sets you up to succeed and achieve your goals. There are three videos: Challenge, Success Tips & Conclusion. These videos help you build on the base level you have after the first five modules and give you some challenges and success tips to stretch you so you can really excel!
  • Bonuses
    Watch for special unannounced bonuses throughout the program. We’ve added a few in here to help you get the most from Action Strategies. Also, remember there are other bonuses that you have access to after you’ve been in the program for thirty days. These will become available during week 5.